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Picture by Ollie Prowse 2017

"It's tempting to call Tony Butler the nicest man in rock & roll. Soft-spoken and polite, he seems out of place in this world where ego and excess are the norm. But he's an undeniably solid musician, and onstage his shyness disappears. "Tony always flies," says Townshend. "He has a side he displays onstage that doesn't appear anywhere else." 

By James Henke for Rolling Stone Magazine

December 8, 1983


This moment has been a long time coming , but it is finally here.  I would like to announce the launch of the Tony Butler Pledge Campaign for my new album ‘My Time’ and my book ‘Then Came the Great Divide’.


The campaign page can be accessed on (from Friday 11th August from 12 noon), where you will find my introduction, a short video clip welcoming you all and a short outline of why I am working with Pledge Music to raise funds to be able to promote the album and book, and get out on the road and play the album live.


The Pledge items listed in the store are a mix of traditional items and a couple of unusual ones.


Also, in conjunction with the Pledge campaign page launch, the full video for ‘Here Comes The First One’ will be available for viewing exclusively on my Pledge page.


This whole idea of me branching out on my own has been through necessity and a continuing creative musical desire. I would not have gone this far without the help and support from my great friend and manager Ian Grant and also my new friends at Pledge Music (who have already taught me a lot about the modern music industry.


The Campaign page will be updated over the coming months with track samplers from the new album, the odd taster from the book, and when the time comes, the announcement of the RELEASE date of ‘MY TIME’ (the book will be released simultaneously), and live appearances.


To celebrate the launch of the campaign, I will hold a Q&A on my website chat-room ( on Wednesday 16th from 8pm, and a Q&A on the Tony Butler fanpage on Thursday 17th from 8pm.


After years of writing, recording, planning and waiting, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will. Thanks for waiting. Cheers, TB

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TB Announces  New Album and New Book in Dublin

New Link added for 'The Great Divide' Podcast interview with TB. Click link for the news page.



I am the guy in the picture and welcome to my new website. I have started this website for a reason but it is far to early too divulge, what is still a new project, that is still in its embryonic stage of realisation. So bear with, and I will inform you as things develop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my musical past, As a bass guitarist, I have spent a lot of my musical life being a session musician (the majority of that with my long standing friend and outstanding drummer Mark Brzezicki), having the privilege of working with such notables as Lenny Henry, the late Radio One rock DJ Tommy Vance, The Pretenders, Nils Lofgren, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey to name a few; and my ultimate joy and experience, Big Country. 

I have a brother by the name of Lenox, who has been a great support and influence throughout my life; I have 3 children, Alexander, Joella and Jacob by my then wife Jackie Butler. I also now have 3 grandchildren; Rudy, Margo and Effie. I live with my partner Clare who has two daughters, Kirra and Hannah.

It is my grandchildren that have given me the zest and ambition to explore a musical adventure that I have never given myself license to investigate before now (particularly as I am at the tender age of 60). 

I also would never have had the confidence of of pursuing this new adventure if it had not been for the support, encouragement and professional guidance by the man who has managed my musical career for over 30 years, Ian Grant.

I took a sabbatical (13 years to be precise) away from the music industry after the sad sad loss of my friend and forever inspiration, Stuart Adamson. I needed to do something very different, so, on the advice of Jackie (this being 2001) I went to Plymouth Uni to train as a teacher.

I had this great desire to put something back into what had given me so much; teaching seemed the obvious choice.

I fully enjoyed my time teaching; having met and tutored a lot of aspiring talent (some who are doing really well). But after dipping my toe into the music biz again with the new BC between 2009 to 2012, I felt it was time for me to do something new.

So, here I am, launching a new website, which I fully intend to keep updated with any project I am involved with; at the moment, I am part of a rock group called Dogs Or Gods who write new music with more than a little homage to the 70's (there will be a link to the bands website). I am also producing a new singer-songwriter by the name of Becky Loney (in conjunction with my good friend Tom Nordon from DOGs), and have recently completed an EP with a North Devon band called 'Trip To Tori', who I jokingly described as a contemporary version of Pink Floyd (sorry guys). 

So, I keep busy, but happy to report that music is my life again.

As I said, I will be keeping this site updated and will also be starting a new Facebook group page, Youtube channel and a Twitter account.



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