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Pictures by Ollie Prowse 2017


//  Origin:  London UK
//  Genres:  Rock
//  Years Active:  All My Life
//  Pledge Music: 
//  Label:  N/A
//  Website:
Short Bio

Since leaving the second incarnation of Big Country in 2012, Tony has put his energy and time into assembling a catalogue of songs, that would represent not only his revitalised musical ambitions, but to define the important and influencial aspects of his life through songwriting with this new audio-ography called 'MY TIME'.

After a long career of performing and co-songwriting with the original BC line-up, which experienced the sad passing of Stuart Adamson in 2001, Tony has decided to continue writing material as if Adamson were still here today. The title 'MY TIME' describes both where Tony has come from and how he wants to harness the 'now'.




From the year 2001 through to the present day, I toiled with the death of my friend and colleague Stuart Adamson. I toiled because I was in shock and my future stopped with a thud! The thought of continuing with the band did not appeal to me; but on certain occasions I felt it churlish not to return to the fold to celebrate, and continue in the hope of a bright new future.


This book answers the many questions I have been asked since I left the band for good in 2012. It is an honest and fair reflection of how things (from my point of view) deteriorated to the point where continuing was not an option. Bruce, Mark and Stuart meant the world to me; and still do.



Then Came


Great Divide

A reflection of the post Stuart Adamson Years of Big Country.

By Tony Butler




Management: Ian Grant |



Set List


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