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Pete Townshend at the March for Jobs concert at Brockwell Park, London 1981. 

Picture by Nick Hider © 1981

First promo shot of On The Air

With Simon Townshend and Mark Brzezicki (circa 1977 - Photographer unknown)


(circa 1983 - photographer unknown).


(Any image that have not been credited, and you think that the image originated from yourself,

please contact the published email address and it will be rectified). TB

Photo shoot in the Cairngorms

(circa 1982 - Photographer unknown)

Top of The Pops with 'Chance'. (1983)

In A Big Country single photo. (circa 1983 - Photographer unknown)

Knebworth supporting Queen 1985 (Photographer unknown)

Handsome Chaps (circa 1984 - Photographer unkown),

A celebrity line-up somewhere. 

(circa 1984 - Photographer unknown)

Wonderland Video. US West coast - (circa 1984 - Photographer unknown)

(circa 1983/84 - Photographer unknown)

The Crossing tour (circa 1983 - 

Photographer unknown)

1985. One of my proudest moments. (Photographers unknown).

Steeltown Promo shot 

(circa 1985 -photographer unknown)

The Seer period (circa 1986 - photographer unknown)

The female voice on the title track 'The Seer', the amazing Kate Bush. 

(picture from - photographer unknown).

The Seer Tour (circa 1986 - photographer unknown)

Peace In Our Time photo shoot (circa 1988 - photographer Terry O'Neil)..

Peace In Our Time Album shoot (1988 - photographer Terry O'Neill).

On GMTV. (circa 1988/89)

From the 'East of Eden video (1984 - Photographer unknown).

Buffalo Skinners Promo shots (circa 1991 - photographers unknown).

A rare shot with IG (circa 1986/87 - photographer unknown).

Another promo shot (circa? photographer unknown).

Why The Long Face Promo shots 

(circa 1995 - photographer unknown).

Hampden Park Glasgow 1995 (Photograph by Graham Whitby Boot).

Driving To Damascus (circa 1999 - photographers unknown).

Shuttorf Germany 1995 1st date with 'The Stones' (photograph by Ian Grant).

Early Days 

circa 1984 - photographer unknown).

Long hair and flowery shirts

(circa 1991/2 - photographer unknown).

Wee Pete, Nigel Luby (RIP), Barry Mead and Bob Lopez 

(circa 1988 - photo supplied by Andre Dekker).

Supporting The Stones (picture by Ian Grant).

With Ray Davies at Knebworth 

(19?? - photographer Ian Grant).

'You Lift Me Up' Video.  BBW. 

(2008 - photographer unknown)

Promo shot for 'The Great Unknown', my first album. 

Photograph by Savage 1997.

Ron, Me, Stuart, Mick, Keith, Bruce, Charlie, Mark and Ian. 

(Photographer unknown, but thanks this is a classic).

IG and I (circa 2007 - photographer unknown).

Portsmouth 2012 (photographer unknown).

Hard Rock Calling Hyde Park 2012      Pictures by Kirsty Grant.

The Dream Team.

John Giddings, Barry Mead and Ian Grant. 

Picture by Kirsty Grant.

RAK Studio 2012 

Picture taken on my phone).

At Rob Barry's rehearsal studio 2011 (picture taken on my phone by Marky).

On my way to the 'Tartan Clef Awards in Glasgow 2011. (Picture by Ian Grant).

Tartan Clef award. 

(circa 2011/12 - photographer unknown).

2012 photographer unknown.

Sir Steve Steve, Marky, Phil Daniels, Jaimie, Mike and Bruce posing at RAK

2012 (picture taken from my phone).

My other brother 2016

(Selfie by me).

I had the immense pleasure of spending a short time with Siouxie Sioux and Budgie on this Channel 4 programme from 1989.

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