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News Latest - 5/05/18

My Time Release


The moment I have been waiting for, for such a long time; finally, 'My Time" has been released on my label, Phoenix Rising records. 

After a very successful Pledge Music campaign, I have been enabled to accrue some much needed finance to help promote the album. I have the wonder Dave clarke working as my Publicist (Planet Earth Publicity). Dave worked of the latter day Big Country publicity and kindly came on board for this project. A very big thank you to the fab guys at Pledge Music for all their help getting things started; also a big thank you to those fab/hansome  people who Pledge for the items available.

As some of you be aware, I am unable to put every effort into promoting the album due to my medical condition. I am hoping, and my manager Ian Grant, are looking to possibly start looking at dates for next year, but more of this later.

\so, for the time being, I will furnish this websiet and my 2 FaceBook pages with stuff as we go through the first months of try to sell the album.

there will be an hour long interview (with tracks) on Classic Rock Radio, on Wednesday 6th of June, will be aired on CCR Radio (Radio Deeside) soon (will publish the date when available.



There have been many of you who have joined in on my (FaceBook) survey for those interested in a Vinyl copy of 'My Time'. At the moment, I am going to wait until the grown ups on my team (Ian Grant and Nigel Reveller @ Active Media distribution) to give the go ahead. Watch this space.


Over the last couple of years, I have been eroding the Vintage V4MTB Signature bass guitar by John Hornby Skewes. As of last week, I have had the pleasure of meeting Steve Chown of Chowny Bass Guitars, who has kindly loaned me a Retrovibe Vantage Bass guitar with a view for a signature model later in the year. I love Stephen ethos, which is to provide a quality instrument without having to a mortgage to own one. As with the V4, the Vantage is a perfect bass for someone who has learned and looking to progress to an intermediate stage; price-wise, the Retrovibe Vantage is perfect. I have put a review of the bass on my Youtube Channel - is the link.

Another company I am trying to support is SHENGZE GUITARS (BAD CAT INSTRUMENTS) in China.

Due to the fact that I played all the guitar parts on 'My Time', have have become a bit of a guitar obsessive. I bought the Shingle Honolulu Blue Les Paul Style model, and after a few teething problems, has become a favourite guitar. Again, the price for such a quality instrument is ridiculously cheap, and I intend to help them promote their guitars.

Lastly, after attending the Bristol guitar fair last month, I made very friends in GRAINGER GUITARS. Their product is definitely of the higher end of the price mountain, but the artistry is magnificent ( Also at the trade show were a bunch of lovely people representing the most beautiful acoustic guitars by the name of S brothers, these guys have developed acoustic guitar models made from Carbon Fibre. My colleague and fellow DOG (dogs or Gods) friend and guitarist had the opportunity to have a strum. All I will say is that they sound awesome (

Finally. I will be hosting a Question and Answer session on my FaceBook page (TonyButler  - My Time) on Tuesday 12th of June @ 8pm.

And very finally' my book 'Then Came The Great Divide' is still available on Amazon.

More News soon.



New Tee-Shirt


Tee Shirt

This very handsome Tee Shirt is now available from my Pledge Campaign Page very soon.

But as the Pledge Campaign will be coming to an end on June 1 2018, I will make them available through this site..

Then Came The Great Divide

As the Pledge Campaign will be closing on Thursday March 29, anyone wanting a signed copy of the book should order as soon as possible via the pledge campaign page. If you want to order after the closing date, you will be able to get a copy on Amazon.

The First Review

By Jason Ritchie

Phoenix Rising Records [Release date 01.06.18]

Former Big Country bassist Tony Butler Big Country started working on this album when he left Big Country in 2012. He is managed by former Big Country manager Ian Grant and the band’s drummer Mark Brezezicki guests on four songs, so there are plenty of links with his musical past and indeed in the sound of many of the songs on here. Mind you Tony Butler is not just a ‘one band man’ having worked with amongst others Ray Davies, Nils Lofgren and Roger Daltrey. Tony Butler plays all the instruments bar the drums and Hammond organ on ‘I’m Getting Old’, played by Josh Phillips who has played keys for Big Country on tour.

The album opens with ‘Heaven Saved A Place For You’, a radio hit if ever there was one. The song is a homage to his biggest influence in his life, his mother and it has a divine chorus. Butler has a melodic vocal, nothing too harsh and perfect for songs with a rock riff and a big pop heart.

Unsurprisingly the distinctive chiming guitar sound of Big Country can be heard in a few songs, most notably ‘Boy From The Bush’, ’Scared To The Bone’ and ‘Strange Old Town’. Lyrically the songs are often deeply personal dealing with his life in Cornwall on ‘Strange Old Town’ and ones of self-reflection, ‘Save My Dignity’.

The album’s ‘prog’ moment comes on ‘Long Shadows’ which allows Butler to show his prowess on the guitar (he said he should have really been a guitarist however he said the bass was just too sexy!). ‘I’m Getting Old’ may be about aging yet it is the most rocking song on the album driven along by the insistent bass and drums, with classy Hammond playing courtesy of Josh Phillips throughout.

The oldest song on here is the bonus song ‘A Lovely Day’, a demo from 1998 and it is an uplifting piece of music.

Hopefully Tony Butler will get out and tour these songs as they deserve to be heard and enjoyed. Big Country was a big part of his past, yet on this album Butler has made a musical statement about his music in the here and now. An intoxicating mix of pop and rock in just the right measures. ****

Review by Jason Ritchie

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