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I was going to talk about the recording of ‘My Time’ in this blog, but I will postpone that for now, as I would like to talk about a good friend who went public about a very serious issue this last week.

It has been a long time since I last shared air space with Adam Clayton, bass player with U2. Our paths met on a few occasions back in the mid to late 80’s. My last meeting with him, if memory serves me well was in the foyer of a grand hotel on Grafton Street.

This last week, my attention was drawn to a twitter post, that reported on the public statement Adam made, citing Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton, as people who helped him through his troubles with alcohol. I, of course was very upset to read this, as I am not sure if I have (to this day) come to terms with Stuart Adamsons’ sad demise due to his problems with alcohol.

The reason for this blog is predominantly to show support for a friend who is going through the throws of dealing with the same curse. I am no great authority when it comes to these problems, but I myself, had to come to terms with the fact that I was not in a good place with the drink.

It is not the easiest of occupations to deal with this mortal problem, when your life as part of an incredibly popular rock group, spending months upon months at a time on the road, being looked after, managed, feted, idolised and cocooned in a glorious bubble. The worst time in effect is when you get home; home to normality and everyday life.

It is so easy to lose the ounce of control needed to ensure stability, in order to travel down the road of success, where practically everything is put on a plate for you.

Although my life (3 years ago) was nothing like that of Adams at the time, I still found the need to take control of this beverage failing. On Jan 1st 2014, I just stopped drinking. The spectre of what happened to Stuart was never far away, and that was a major force behind my decision.

I want to support Adam by simply saying that disregarding your ‘rock star’ status, there is a way, through self determination and support, to temper the curse.

I am looking forward to re-entering the fray, of vying to re-establish myself in the world of rock music. I am all too aware now, that at my tender age, I will have to really look after myself, if I am to do what I need to do in this very different music world. Not drinking will be the way forward for me now.

All I want to convey to Adam is that I applaud his public statement, and applaud the rest of the bands’ public support for him as well. I hope he will find strength in this support and continue to enjoy the phenomenal success his band has achieved and undoubtedly will continue too, in good health.

The featured blog track (I think) broaches this subject. From the album ‘The Great Unknown (Slight Return)’, ‘My Heart’s in My Home’, is all about the spoils of success.

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