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Pictures by Ollie Prowse 2017


My Album Campaign

Starts @ 12 noon from Friday 11.8.17 on

I am very pleased to announce that I will be joining forces with PLEDGE MUSIC ( in order to give 'you' the opportunity to pre-order my new musical adventure called 'MY TIME'.


Along with the CD and Download opportunities, I have thought long and hard about offering other interesting 'Pledge' items to encourage you to help me raise much needed funds, in order for me to:

Promote the album 

Make videos 

Play live shows (because I played everything except drums on the record, I will need to hire musicians, and they are EXPENSIVE but necessary (as a person who has loved touring with my old band, this is a must); and all the other bits and pieces required to get this out to as many people as possible.

As a heads up, one of the Pledge items will be my new book (?? a book I hear you cry?); yes, I have written a book, as you will have seen on the news page. I will also have some other items that I hope will encourage you to join me in this (ad)venture.

I will be putting up all the necessary information and links to my campaign on this page, and will give you all a shout out on my 'new' Facebook Page (@tonybutlertb and Twitter @tonybutlertb60 (#tbmytime) when it's launched.

In the mean time, I'd like you to subscribe to this site on the 'Contact page', and join/follow me on Facebook and Twitter.



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